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We will announce the details as we'll confirm them. Keep checking for news!

If you are interested in a Tronic-border collie, don't hesitate to contact us! Let us know more about yourself and what kind of a border collie you are looking for. All Enquiries are welcome!

_______   Our latest litter  __________

Puppies out of FI TVA Tronic Moffina and Viätt's Luke (Sweden) were born 30.03.2015. We got 3 males and 3 females. All growing well. You can follow the litter on our Facebook-page.
From this combination we anticipate pups with great working ethics and nice characters.
Dogs that will be good companions in daily life.

All pups from this litter have found new loving homes!

FI TVA Tronic Moffina

Viätt's Luke

Mofi is a really energetic girl, who has two gears: fast or full speed. Highlight of the day is when she gets to go to the forest and can run all she wants. However fast she goes she never loses the sight of  the owner though. Luckily she also has big ears and is able to catch a word or two from the wind. She is friends with everyone and her tail is always wagging out of joy. She has fullfilled all the wishes I had when I was looking for a border collie. She is always ready and willing for work and  always happy and friendly.
Photo and text: Hanne Jussila


  • Hips: B/B
  • Elbows: 0/0, Knees: 0/0, Ocd: free,
  • Back: Ok.
  • Eyes: ok as puppy and adult
  • DNA: IGS-free and CEA-,TNS-, CL- normal by parents
Hobbies and Results:
  • Agility (1. cl), obedience (ch), Character test 112, BH
Taff is an approved herding dog working here on the farm,he is a working with herding sheep,cows,pigs,chickens,geese and he love working.Indoors he is very easy and relaxed.Taff is a brave dog in his work.He is friendly with people and dogs,cats. Hips A/A . Eyes ua ."

Photo and text: John-Erik Johannessen, Kennel Do Encosta's


  • Hips: A/A
  • Eyes ok

Hobbies and Results:
  • Working dog on a sheepfarm
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